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With passion, vivacious energy, and extreme sincerity, Shonobe is the greatest choice to speak for your event.

Conferences, Summits, Retreats, Women's Empowerment seminars, Workshops, Churches, School events & more!

You can see and you can listen, but you have to have moments in which you feel. 

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    While in Atlanta, Georgia, she has spent her time developing programs surrounding her books and providing her curriculum to save the youth. This is a movement that allows her to positively impact the world. At the age of 31, Shonobe is more motivated than ever to help women and young girls discover their TRUE identity using the tools she has gained over the years to become a – Fearless Woman of God!

   She is now releasing her 3rd book entitled, 'Beautifully Wounded" and is beyond excited. While releasing the new book she has paired her writing material with motivational tee shirts, and Sweaty Motivation Workout Apparel. God downloaded to her something that will help shift the trajectory of women in today’s society life. Ms. Shonobe Morgan provides a concrete guide that delivers wisdom to women who are facing life challenges and the tools to overcome them. Welcome to Woman In The Mirror.

    As we face life together, and allow God to lead us along the way, we are destined to come out STRONGER, BOLDER, DOPER, and most important the Woman he ordained us to ultimately be.

Woman in the Mirror

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Tropical Leaves

OUR PRODUCTS are produced to cause impact and to evolve the woman in the mirror

"Stop giving CPR to people, situations or places that God intentionally killed off in your life! ...Move on baby!"

"Evolve into the best version of yourself"